The Law Firm

India Law Offices is a full-service law firm established in the year 2003 with the intent of making the availability of legal services more efficient, cost effective and time bound. Built around a focused approach of meeting client’s all requirements in legal and corporate domain under one umbrella, the firm offers comprehensive services across the entire gamut of advisory, transactional, litigation, regulatory and taxation matters. We combine our legal expertise of different industry sectors with the commercial understanding of our clients’ businesses and the international reach the clients need to achieve their business goals. We are one of the few law firms in the country that have a strong worldwide presence, despite being deeply rooted in India...more

Key Practice Areas

  • Litigation - India Law Offices one of the premie..more
  • Intellectual Property - ILO handles IP prosecution & li..more
  • Taxation Services - We provide advisory services on tax..more
  • Labor & Employment - The firm specializes in employment/..more
  • India Entry Strategy - Advisory services in setting up of ..more
  • Corporate Finance - Incorporation of the company, merge..more
  • NRI Services - We cater to all legal requirements ..more
  • Immigration - Advisory on immigration, nationalit..more
  • FamilyLaw - We help with creative solutions to ..more
  • Arbitration - We assist with all arbitration proc..more
  • Real Estate - We assist clients on title verifica..more
  • Inheritance/Estate/Wills - Services include inheritance rights..more
in India

‘Think global & work closer home’ is the policy ILO follows for its clients. With offices at 4 cities & service offices at another 4 centers, ILO has an ability to assist clients at nearly 80 cities throughout India. We are a full service firm handling every type of legal matter relevant within the country.

ILO Worldwide

 in North America

ILO has peering arrangement with 14 small, mid size & large firms; relations with accounting professionals at 12 US cities for JVs, new businesses and legal assistance.

 in Europe

Europe is ILO’s greatest strength outside India. ILO is the Indian Partner of WLN, the business law firm network with presence in 28 countries of Europe. ILO is the Indian Partner of ETL, the tax & legal group with 700+ offices in Europe. With WLN & ETL, ILO brings European Expertise & business opportunities for Indian Businesses.

 in China

ILO works with Chinese Law Firms & IBs in all major regions in China. ILO has an association with Dachang, the second largest Chinese Law Firm with 3200 lawyers & 50 offices, besides 6 other key Law Firms in China.

 in South America

ILO has very strong relationships in Brazil, Argentina & the largest legal network in Latin America, making business possible allover LATAM, effortlessly.

 in Africa

ILO understands Africa is the market of tomorrow. ILO has partnerships in all 11 African countries lending comfort, expertise & credibility for Indian businesses foraying into Africa.

Global Affiliations