What is corporate matching program

What is Corporate Matching Program?

Corporate Matching Program is a unique and exclusive program that is operational in 17 countries, currently, to bring together world leading corporates & companies with cutting edge technology that wish to enter long term global strategic alliances for fuelling their growth ambition via:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Technology licensing & JV arrangement
  • Equity participation & private placement
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Franchising & Distributorship across borders
  • Legal & Advisory Assistance

Corporate Matching Program Program Process

  • The Corporate Matching Program gives a participating company (the existing participants have revenues ranging from USD 25 Million to USD 1 Billion), irrespective of the sector, the access to our exclusive network of 120+ advisors around the world having rights from numerous participant companies for strategic alliances and corporate finance advisory in diverse business sectors.
  • The Corporate Matching Program is instituted on strong working relationship among leading law firms, Investment banks, and financial advisory firms across globe and especially in these 17 countries belonging to the Corporate Matching Program network.
  • We approach our clients to understand whether they have any appetite for cross- country expansion. Alternately if we are aware about the intrinsic strength of the business of our client or their technology, we could make a suggestion that their business is fit for global expansion.
  • All clients that wish to participate could complete the paperwork to be put on the platform. An application based search on the basis of target Country, Industry & Sector can then be carried out on the specialized portal http://corporatematchingprogram.com