Admiralty, Shipping and Maritime Laws

    India Law Offices LLP has a well-established reputation for its expertise in the maritime and admiralty practice area. Since its inception, ILO has represented and provided legal services to domestic and foreign clients who are engaged in all aspects of international shipping industry. Our team of maritime lawyers is prepared to handle any sort of litigation and transactional issues. We have advised to wide range of clients including ship owners, operators, charterers, insurance underwriters, ship handlers, bunker suppliers, freight forwarders, shippers, receivers and cargo owners. Since our lawyers have had long association and involvement with shipping business, they are expert in evaluating, providing effective and sound advise on myriad of issues that arise in the shipping business from legal, commercial, operational or financial aspect.
    We specialize in administering legal proceedings in case of arrest or release of marine vessels, bunker attachment, maritime lien, executing maritime claims, Charter parties disputes, delivery of cargo, damages, demurrage, with holding & detention of marine containers. Our lawyers also advise clients on disputes related to Bill of Lading, Procedure of Import & Export, opinion on charter party provisions and others. Our approach is to solve the commercial disputes through negotiation and personal representation within the boundaries of law without taking the matters to Court at very first instance but our lawyers are very capable of effectively representing our clients in courtrooms, if required.
    Our experienced maritime lawyers deal with following areas of concern:

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    Rules and regulations concerning operating in Indian Territorial Waters, viz. Arrest, bail and Sale of vessels

    Drafting of any relevant legal letter and agreements including charter party, bare boat agreements

    Marine Insurance and Reinsurance Claims

    Advisory on issues like non-payment of wages, work conditions issues, etc.

    Safeguarding the interest of Indian and foreign nationals on ships

    Representing clients in front of Arbitrator / Arbitral Tribunal to resolve the dispute

    Claims on behalf of the suppliers such as agreements related to the supply of food, water and other essential commodities and provide solution for any such dispute

    Claims for charges and recovery of made by Port Authorities, Customs and Port Limits

    Documentation related to mortgage and financing of ships


    Assistance with incorporations of offshore companies


    Resolving issues like pollution caused by Marines


    Filing and defending of admiralty suits before the Admiralty Courts


    Compliance with domestic and international regulatory requirements


    Vessel and corporate finance, Structuring a Strategic Alliance, Bankruptcy

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