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Dilip Manivala Rama Mohan

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Dilip Manivala Rama Mohan is a Bachelor of Law from Bangalore University. He is enrolled with Bar Counsel of Bangalore. He has over ten year experience in the field of law including Litigation and Non Litigation work.

He is proficient in drafting & preparation of Legal Opinions, Legal Notice, various kinds of Plaints and petitions before various courts of law including the High Court of Karnataka.

He is an active researcher of legal issues. He was also instrumental in preparation of problems during the National Moot Court Competition held by the institution.



Dilip Manivala Rama Mohan is proficient in Intellectual Property Rights with ample knowledge on registration of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and associated issues.

He handles litigation before various courts of law including matters before Revenue Authorities, Consumer Forum, Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Karnataka Appellate Tribunal, Karnataka Administrative Tribunal, Central Administrative Tribunal, Karnataka State Consumer Redressal Commission, Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka, Labour Courts

He assists in preparation and registration of various kinds of agreements, including Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Development Agreement, Sale Agreements, Sale Deeds, Mortgage Deeds, Partition Deeds, Release Deeds, WILL, Partnership Deeds and vetting of the same.

He has  adequate knowledge of Mergers and Acquisitions, Labour related matters.

He coordinates with clients in advisory role in matter/s relating to Legal and Commercial factors affecting the individual/company.

he has adequate knowelge of the working of governmental bodies/institutions and has been dealing with officials in the governmental bodies/institutions for long.

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